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Smart Engagement

AIchat Ltd is a market leading company that develops ‘Chat Robots' (chatbots) which engage and communicate with visitors to your site and/or social media platforms instantly, so you don’t have to.

  • Instant customer service 24/7 & 365
  • English & Multi-lingual options available
  • Helps to convert expensive Google traffic and improves on page conversion rates
  • Move prospects down the sales funnel from awareness, consideration to purchase
  • Ability for employees to ‘jump in’ and take over the conversation from the chatbot
  • Generate hot leads for your sales team from traffic you don’t currently covert
  • Brand reputation management & Social Media Integration
  • Low monthly costs to suit your needs

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Built In-House

Built in-house by our expert data scientists we can create a tailor made conversation guide to suit your needs. Whether that’s customer service queries that need answering, converting expensive paid for Google traffic to your site or landing pages or managing your brand reputation across all your social channels from disgruntled customers.

AIchat has the right solution for your business.

Why AIchat?

Best in class chatbot

We deliver the best approach to AI for your business

Lighting Fast Customer Service

UK’s fastest customer service

AIchat is at the forefront in Artificial intelligence, data science and technology. Our application offers unique cutting edge features and competitive pricing to enable your business smooth adoption of tomorrow's technology today.


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    "Artificial intelligence is becoming an integral part of conversion strategy for companies world wide. AI Chat has delivered us with the most effective solution on the market best of all it's tailored to our business requirements, cost effective and very human-like".

    Michael Winniczuk- The Media Octopus
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    "Being at the forefront in technology is important for our business but equally so being responsive to customer support enquiries. Thanks to AI chat's inteligent Chatbot we've been able to respond faster than our competitors to first line support questions from our users".

    Ricki Dhal - Sanity OS